Association of Polish Fruit Growers (PL)

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Asociation of Polish Fruit Growers

(Związek Sadowników Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej)

Ms. Kasia Bekasiewicz


Main activities and initiative
in the biomass/
bioenergy field
No specific experience with biomass

The potential APPR

Network in the region/country

  • Collaboration with Research Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice
  • Links with Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences (Dr. Arkadiusz Dyjakon), with expertise in prning utilisation
  • Co-organiser of Fruit Logistica (Berlin Messe)
  • Polish Fruit Growers Association is an apolitical group whose aim is to help and act in the name of Polish fruit growers, we have 3000 members in the area with largest production in Poland. Our priority is to create legal conditions for fruit farming industry and the rules of production safe for the consumer
Actions adherent is willing to transfer in his/her country

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  • Idea that an alternative use can be given to the pruning and plantation removal wood
  • Exchange of ideas on the arrangement of chains: overcoming technical difficulties
  • Exchange of ideas on business based on APPR valorization
Next events uP_running partners can participate in his/her country The general meeting of members of our association (June 2017)