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GREENLINE Western Balkans Cluster Foundation

Darijo Lazic

Chairman of the Board


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in the biomass/

bioenergy field

We are a team committed to providing information and counselling to, as well as raising awareness among decision-makers both in private business and in public sector to ensure the sustained use of resources through the encouragement, advancement and implementation of future-oriented climate, environment and energy policies in the Western Balkans, mainly in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monte Negro and Serbia. Potential of all kind of waste and waste water, especially organic waste and biomass are the key point for economic development, competitiveness, new employment, regional cooperation, energy independence, sustainable development and clean environment.

The potential APPR

Network in the region/country

(GLWBCF) currently consists of 10 very strong and experienced companies and individual founders in the area of education and research, local and regional administration, technology development, marketing of renewable, business matchmaking, market development, as well as industrial partners and local partners from the public utilities as end users for the implementation of pilot projects, commercial projects and projects for the development of new technologies. GLWBCF’ network include 200 private and public end users, companies in the Western Balkans countries.

Actions adherent is willing to transfer in his/her country

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  • Experience exchange in treatment of agrarian pruning and plantation removal (APPR)

  • Exchange of ideas on the arrangement of chains: overcoming technical difficulties

  • Exchange of ideas on business based on APPR valorization

  • Key issues to implement successful chains based on APPR biomass