Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences (Poland)

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Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences,

Dr eng. Arkadiusz DYJAKON

Researcher, Teacher

Faculty of Life Sciences and Technology,

Institute of Agricultural Engineering,

Division of Low Emission Energy Sources and Waste Management,


Main activities and initiative

in the biomass/

bioenergy field

Europruning – results dissemination

More data acquisition about the biomass potential from pruning as well as orchards liquidation/removal

Looking for Pruning to Energy (PtE) value chains in Poland

The potential APPR

Network in the region/country

  • In contact with 2 horticultural clusters in Poland

  • Close to the biomass consumers, biomass companies and also to some farms (already contacted before under the interest to use APPR biomass).

Actions adherent is willing to transfer in his/her country

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  • Experience exchange in treatment of agrarian pruning and plantation removal (APPR)

  • Exchange of ideas on the arrangement of chains: overcoming technical difficulties

  • Exchange of ideas on business based on APPR valorization

  • Key issues to implement successful chains based on APPR biomass