CIRCE presents its progress in using woody refuse and pruning waste from olive and almond trees during the FERMA 2016 event

Barbastro – Spain, 23.09.2016




CIRCE was among the participants at the Barbastro Regional Fair (FERMA), which took place at the end of August in this Aragonese town. After 55 editions, the fair is now a benchmark in the agricultural sector, gathering over 14,000 attendants this year.

During this three-day event, CIRCE presented the outcome of its research work in two of the projects it is involved in, both of which promote the use of agrarian refuse as a source of energy and have received funds from the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme and Horizon 2020.
First of all, CIRCE revealed the technological breakthroughs made in the Europruning Project. The initiative concluded recently after successfully designing and constructing new woody refuse collection machines that will help use pruning waste from olive trees, vineyards and orchards as a source of biomass. The presentation also touched on the new logistics chain conceived by Europruning and shared a series of cases in which the chain has been successfully applied in Spain, highlighting the importance of fostering synergies among those who produce the waste and its potential users or service companies in order to bring the initiative to market.

CIRCE then presented the uP_running project, which is coordinated by the research centre itself. The project came underway recently and promises to be a continuation of the former. Under this initiative, CIRCE announced that it was searching for entrepreneurs wishing to implement new ideas for energy use based on agrarian pruning and clearing. The aim is for CIRCE and ASAJA (the Agrarian Association of Young Farmers), both of whom are partners in uP_running, to support 5 entrepreneurs in the region and help them carry out their projects.

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