Informative Workshop in Santorini for uP_running

Wood Biomass from Agrarian Pruning and Plantation Removal (APPR)





On Thursday 8th of November 2018, uP_running partners along with the Cooperative Santowines in Santorini, organized an informative workshop about uP_running.

The participation was significant (more than 130 attendees) and the interest very high.

CIRCE with Mrs. Adeline Rezeau and CERTH with Mr. Manolis Karampinis, on the subject “Vineyards prunings mobilization: existing cases, prime movers accompanied through uP_running project and keys for success”, presented ways of pruning management, success cases in energy utilization in other European countries- in where uP_running is involved, as well as the results so far of the project relating to viticulture.

An additional presentation was presented by UNFG and Dr. Massimo Monteleone, on the subject ”Agronomic issues & Soil conditions to remove vineyard prunings” .

On behalf of the Agricultural University of Athens, Dr Manolis Stavrakakis proceeded with a presentation on the subject “Climate change and the impact on Santorini’s’ vineyard as well as a proposed study with the aim of its salvation”.


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Workshop - Soil Conditions --
uP_running_Workshop Santorini_final presentation --

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