Mid-project dissemination event: “Development of rural areas through biomass projects – how to keep young people in Croatia“

23rd of February 2018, Virovitica, Croatia

Croatian Chamber of Agriculture organized mid-project dissemination event with a title “Development of rural areas through biomass projects – how to keep young people in Croatia”. Main aim of this event was to visualize the results of the National analysis, state of the observatory and success cases analysis.  As Tajana Radić from the Croatian Chamber of Agriculture reported, whole Slavonia region and its producers have great potential to use biomass, especially agricultural residues, since most of these are left on the ground or burned. The main aim of this project is to point out how use these residues on most effective way. This topic was very interesting to Croatian farmers and it attracted potential beneficiaries to get to know how they can participate.

The main aim of this event was to disseminate all what has been done regarding uP_running project. Also, we present to the audience case analysis from other project partner. This was the most interesting and useful part because all attendees could hear how value chain, concrete works and what steps/barriers could our farmers face with and how they could overcome these barriers when starting something similar in Croatia. Despite of farmers, in the audience were many stakeholders and policy makers. They asked many questions and after the presentation, the discussion started. We found this discussion very useful.

At the beginning of this mid-project dissemination event, Croatian minister of Agriculture came and gave a speech in which he encouraged all to stay and work in Croatia that has big potential in each point of view.

There were 86 attendants on this event.

Hereunder is the Agenda: the main focus of this meeting was spread project results to all attendees, mainly students and stakeholders (farmers, policy makers and university employees); after the event, all attendees and speakers continue discussion at the lunch. Many of them exchange their knowledge and contacts in order to keep in contact and get to know more about the possibilities with biomass. We inform them about our next events and try to involve them in project activities.

Guests and attendees – down on the list


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