Policy workshop: Energy from prunings – chance for development of rural areas

Zagreb, 29th of March 2018





On 29th of March Croatian Chamber of Agriculture organized one-day policy workshop, which gathered policy makers, representatives of Croatian institution, entrepreneurs, 1 member of European Parliament and other appreciated guests.

More than 30 attendees from different sectors participated on this policy workshop and heard what have been done regarding the uP_running project at the national and international level (in OC and DC). Four presentations, which show national strategy with positive examples, and good solution with biomass residues and how farmers could achieve the benefit of their surplus from production, were good introduction for the panel discussion that followed after. Five prominent people from a different point of view: ministry of Agriculture, energy sector, agriculture, stakeholder, and entrepreneur – talked about possible solutions and future steps – how one value chain works in another project countries and how Croatian farmers and other stakeholder could get benefit from their production. After workshop, attendees signed declaration of interest and support and some of them will be signing it afterwards.

Policy workshop is organized by the Croatian Chamber of Agriculture. Topics that have been mentioned in the presentation were well received and panel discussion gave interesting conclusions and left positive feedback.
Focuses of this workshop were rural areas and how could we make this areas alive; ensuring new jobs, especially for young people, contributing generational renewal in rural areas when Croatia has serious problems with the emigration of young people. Positive examples of some Croatian entrepreneurs gave the hint of hope for new jobs and possibilities. As a conclusion, all participants and speakers agreed that only through joint initiatives and cooperation between institutions could influence positive stories and move forward with agrarian pruning.

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