The Parliament of Aragon votes unanimously in favor of encouraging the use of agricultural pruning and plantation removal refuse for energy purposes





On Monday 5 December, a debate was held and votes were cast to unanimously approve non-legislative motion number 75/2017 which will promote the use of biomass from agrarian pruning and plantation removal. This initiative was presented by councilor Jesús Sanso from the Ciudadanos party on the Rural Development and Sustainability Committee of the Aragonese Parliament.
It is worth remarkable that the role that uP_running project has played through different workshops and actions, acting as a channel to transfer the necessities and interests of the sector to the agents of the political sphere. These interests were already endorsed by the Aragonese Agrofood Alliance. Although the non-legislative proposition is not compulsory, it will be the key to unlock future incentive programs and good practices for the energy use of pruning and plantation removals from olive trees, fruit trees and vines.
As described in the biomass sector analysis based on pruning waste and refuse carried out by CIRCE and ASAJA Huesca (to be published shortly on this website), only 5% of woody refuse is currently used locally as fire wood, with the vast majority being stacked and burnt in the field at the end of the pruning season. This shows just how much potential there is and proves the need to define a national strategy to promote the use of all this agrarian waste.
From now on, uP_running will have to face the challenge of achieving a national alliance to promote the use of agricultural biomass, with which to accompany the necessities gathered in the analysis of the sector and address the different policy makers and politics bodies at national level.

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