The uP_running ambition: self-expansion of APPR wood utilization in Europe

10 countries outside its reference area

uP_running has the ambition of being the prelude of a self-expansion of APPR wood utilization in Europe. This includes the engagement and involvement of other stakeholders beyond the uP_running reference area.

Under the coordination of D.A.Re. Puglia, Agrarian Partners (APs), Outreach Partners (OPs) and CIRCE have been performing a series of activities in order to identify relevant organizations, involve them in virtual meetings where the knowledge acquired was shared and eventually schedule a visit in adhered countries in order to reach those key actors that can ensure the real exploitation of APPR potential.

APs, OPs and CIRCE got in touch with more than 40 organizations (agrarian associations, farmer associations, biomass organizations, or energy clusters). Several of them expressed a strong interest in being involved in the project activities and, according to the level of involvement, they were divided in two different categories:

– Adherents: Organizations from country outside the project reference area where two visits will be performed by uP_running partners and that will have a more active involvement in the project activities.
– Followers: organization from any country. These organizations will have a less active involvement and will not be visited by uP_running partners.

Such strategy proved to be successful since APs, OPs and CIRCE managed to raise the awareness among agrarian organizations outside the project reference area.
So far, 11 organizations (7 adherents and 4 followers) in 10 countries have been involved in 3 virtual meetings (on-line channels) aimed at informing them about the uP_running project and the activities performed organizations. Moreover, the 7 adherent organizations have signed a letter of commitment expressing their availability for a more active involvement in some specific project activities.

So far, uP_running project has reached 10 countries outside its reference area, a further step for the achievement of the project ambitious objectives will be the visit that Ambassadors will perform in the adhered countries.

Click here for more info on the organizations identified.

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