uP_running is awarded during an international meeting on Green Infrastructure

Zaragoza – Spain, 20.10.2016




The city of Zaragoza (Spain), hosted last October an international meeting to promote natural spaces and biodiversity, especially in urban environments. The meeting “Ways towards Green Infrastructure – Today and tomorrow” was organized by the Zaragoza City Council, under the umbrella of the LIFE Zaragoza Natural project, and gathered more than 150 professionals from the public administration, private companies and academia.

The event was opened by the Mayor of Zaragoza, the Director General of Sustainability of the Regional Government of Aragón and the Councilor for Environment and Mobility from the Zaragoza City Council. Afterwards, several experts of renowned international acclaim presented different experiences and success stories about their works on Green infrastructure in their respective regions.

Within this meeting, the project coordinator CIRCE presented an abstract about uP_running project, which was selected to be exhibited as a poster. This way CIRCE explained to the audience the activities that the project aims to deploy in order to set the path for the development of the bioenergy utilization of agrarian pruning and plantation removal. In addition, the poster sessions that were held along the event allowed the attendants to get to know the different works presented. A competition to select the best poster was arranged, thus giving the chance to every attendant of voting their favorite works.
According to the votes of the audience, uP_running was chosen as the second best poster, being awarded during the closure of the meetings by the Councilor for Environment and Mobility from the Zaragoza City Council.


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