uP_running partners will bring support to 20 entrepreneurs ready to start new APPR biomass value chains

A chance to start the management of APPR residues in 4 Demo Regions in Europe

uP_running partners have carried out a selection process of stakeholders having strong interest and willingness to start a new APPR biomass value. They are the so called uP_running prime movers which are intended to be seeds to materialise uP_running slogan “APPR biomas is possible”: the final objective is to demonstrate and implement of new chains.

The selection has taken place in four countries: Spain, Italy, Greece and Ukraine, called Demo Countries – DC. The process of selection has led to an initial identification of a total of 48 prime movers in the 4 DCs. After that, an initial round of contacts was carried out to better understand their actual interests. It was stated that actually not all of them could be considered as prime movers.

Among the 48 prime movers initially detected, 37 passed to the evaluation process. They were considered potential beneficiaries (PBs) of the  accompaniment offered by uP_running.

But for the purposes of the project, only 20 beneficiaries have been selected, 5 per DC. Their profiles are very diverse: farmers, cooperatives, agro-industries, residues managers, service companies or city councils. In addition, the size of their initiatives range from small self-consumption purposes (e.g., 60 t/yr) to the establishment of complex supply chains where multiple farmers and companies should be involved (>10,000 t/yr).

The diversity of the beneficiaries selected is a good result, which will allow uP_running partnership to explore more deeply the multiple options to change the current management and to finally cover a gap existing: absence of models to follow when willing to start a new APPR biomass value chain.

uP_running partners will accompany and coach the beneficiaries by supporting them to scope the organisation of the new value chain, to approach and find allies, to perform a realistic feasibility assessment, to draft the business models of their future activity, and to support them in technical issues on APPR harvesting, treatment, quality and energy conversion.
The expertise gained through the accompaniment will not only remain inside the project, but it will be exploited to create consultancy materials able to empower other associations and consultants in Europe to perform accompaniments to entrepreneurs in APPR biomass.

Download the summary to know the entrepreneurs selected in each Country.


Name Description Link
summary PrMov x Country --

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