uP_running presents its first outcomes during the 26th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE)

Copenhagen, 16th May 2018





uP_running took part of this huge biomass event that attracted more than 1300 participants from 65 countries. There, partners made a presentation entitled “Bringing Agro-Biomass to Reality: Keys for New Sustainable Value Chains Based on Agricultural Pruning and Plantation Removal Biomass”.

In its presentation, uP_running provided a vision to understand the current status of APPR biomass utilization in Europe and gave some recommendations for establishing new value chains based on this fuel. In particular, partners described how the different stages of the value chain and logistics can be carried out, which are the main keys to make the value chain operative, how to ensure that the final user finds an added value in the APPR biomass they receive, and how to preserve the quality and market value along the value chain of this particular biomass resource.

It is worth noting that EUBCE is the most important international conference for the biomass sector, combined with a technology exhibition. As such, it has been an excellent meeting point to share the first outcomes with biomass experts from research, development and the industry.

Next months, uP_running will continue spreading the projects’ results to trigger a change in behavior and boost biomass value-chain uptake. APPR has huge potential and both agrarian and biomass sectors should take action!


The full paper may be found in the Proceedings of the 26th EUBCE Conference, available here.

References: D. García-Galindo, A. Rezeau, E. Karampinis, M.A. Kougioumtzis. Bringing Agro-biomass to Reality: Keys for new Sustainable Value Chains based on Agricultural Pruning and Plantation Removal Biomass, 26th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Copenagen 14-17 May 2018, pp. 1569 – 1582. DOI: 10.5071/26thEUBCE2018-ICO.12.1.

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