The uP_running Observatory is growing: more than 300 “APPR experiences” are now available online!

The uP_running Observatory is an easy-to-use map tool that records experiences with APPR biomass in Europe and around the world. Experiences include field measurements of biomass potential from APPR, mechanized collection examples and full value chains.
Thanks to the efforts of the uP_running partners, the Observatory has already been populated with a large number of experiences. Currently, the Observatory holds almost 300 field measurements of biomass potential from prunings and plantation removal material, coming from a large number of countries. Several of these experiences come from new field measurements performed by the uP_running project partners in collaboration with farmers, cooperatives, agro-service companies and other actors involved in APPR management.
Examples of biomass productivity from kiwi prunings in Western Greece, the amount of plantation removal from apples trees in the Vinnitsa Region of Ukraine, the variations in the vineyard pruning productivity between coastal and inland Croatia and the large variations in olive pruning productivity in the Mediterranean countries are the main items of the uP_running Observatory.
Additionally, you may also find examples of mechanized pruning collection in Spain and Italy, as well as several examples of operating APPR value chains in several European countries.
Moreover, you can read the first version of Deliverable D6.2 “Report on collected Observatory data”, to be acquainted with the experiences gathered so far. The document will be regularly updated at the end of each pruning season with new experiences recorded!
Actually, if you are involved in APPR management, you can also contribute in populating the uP_running Observatory and/or helping others to know more about APPR biomass. Check out the guidelines for performing field measurements and the templates for recording experiences with prunings and plantation removal in the “Useful documents” section of the Observatory!

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