uP_running Observatory

An easy-to-use tool to map APPR experiences

uP_running has just released an easy-to-use tool where APPR experiences will be recorded, as a mean to increase the awareness and knowledge about APPR biomass use in Europe.

The Observatory will record APPR biomass productivity from field sampling, mechanized collection experiences and success cases of related value chains.

The Observatory is expected to be particularly useful for practitioners and entrepreneurs being still unaware about APPR biomass exploitation.

Furthermore, the Observatory will also provide already experienced users with a better understanding of their biomass potential and identify successful exploitation cases for replication.
Finally the whole value-chain actors, such as farmers, cooperatives, agriculture services companies, biomass dealers and final users to identify and develop, according to their needs, suitable collaborations to strive for a greener and sustainable economy.

Join us @Observatory and get to Know its functions through the Users’ guide

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