Organization’s Name

Contact Person

D.R.E.Am. Italia Soc. Coop. agr. for

Chiara Chiostrini

Environmental design Engineer


Main activities and initiative

in the biomass/

bioenergy field

Designing woody biomass logistics centers; designing solid biomass plants; designing biogas plants; planning energy crops; SUCELLOG project partner on the management and production of agricultural biomass for energy purposes.

The potential APPR

Network in the region/country

  • we are member of Legacoop, Italian association among cooperatives

  • Farmers

Actions adherent is willing to transfer in his/her country

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  • Experience exchange in treatment of agrarian pruning and plantation removal (APPR)

  • Exchange of ideas on the arrangement of chains: overcoming technical difficulties

  • Exchange of ideas on business based on APPR valorization

  • Key issues to implement successful chains based on APPR biomass