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Veronika Valentar


Main activities and initiative

in the biomass/

bioenergy field

Slovene Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry – Institute of Agriculture and Forestry Maribor is an Institute with a reputation and tradition the operation of which has deep roots in the field of the development of Slovene agriculture.

Our task is to offer professional education and advice for our users on agricultural activities and the transfer of the newest technological developments into practice in the field of agriculture.

We are aware local, national and european about this importance and buissness.


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We expect that the potential is very high although we don’t have numbers (data) of the potential

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The goal of our activities is to provide the final user with current and, above all, quality services, which will enable him to make a more competitive appearance in Slovenia and in the international markets.

We will present the results of up_running in a national event and before that we will schedulle 2 bilateral meetings with the most important key players with the visit of Luis from Portugal.