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Are you an entrepreneur interested in initiating a new chain based on APPR residues?

The uP_running project is searching for stakeholders in Spain, Greece, Italy, Ukraine that are really interested in beginning a new value chain based on the energy use of APPR residues.

5 entrepreneurs will be selected by country, to which uP_running will provide accompainement and support. Each beneficiary will be accompanied to explore the feasibility and performance of its future business, as well as to demonstrate that biomass from APPR woody residues can contribute to increase the competitiveness of its exploitation, to diversify its economic activity or to reduce the environmental impacts of its residues.

The support to entrepreneurs will be provided by uP_running partners and it will be tailored to the specific needs of each beneficiary in the view of implementing the new chain. It will include, among others, a pilot demonstration of the exploitation selected by the beneficiary (harvest, treatment and combustion), the business model development according to success keys and a visualization in public and specialized medias.

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