Capacity Building Training Course in Brussels

Training on Wood Biomass from Agrarian Pruning and Plantation Removal (APPR)





On Tuesday 9th of October 2018, uP_running partners implemented a training for capacity building of agrarian consultants who want to know more on the energetic utilization of APPR wood obtained from vineyards, olive groves and fruit tree plantations.

The training took place at the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) premises, with the participation of 15 people from Spain, Cyprus, Georgia, Ukraine, Greece, France, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Portugal and Poland. Almost all of the participants represented companies and organizations that give consultancy to farmers/cooperatives and the topic of the event as well as the lack of information in this field were the reasons why they applied for this training course.

At the beginning, the project was presented and then the training course focused on the main highlights and issues for the energy use of APPR biomass, explained by Mrs. Adeline Rezeau (CIRCE). Subsequently, Mrs. Alla Kravchenko (UCAB) explained the methodology on how to use the Handbook for consultancy that was developed among other materials and tools, in order to provide a systematic knowledge on how to make a consultancy service in order to create a new APPR value chain or to improve existing ones.

Two applications of APPR consultancy were also presented; the case of a winery cooperative in Spain, by Mr. Sebastian Zapata (CIRCE) and the case of a fruit company in Ukraine by Mrs. Elena Kovtun (UCAB).

After this transfer of gained competences, the trained consultants will provide consultancy to farmers about the best way to put their woody APPR residues in the market and in addition they will disseminate the activities through their own channels.


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