Agritoppi srl: a successful initiative on the valorisation of residual agricultural biomass in Puglia, Italy

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The first demonstration event was held  on February 6th at the Agritoppi srl company in Lucera (FG). The initiative was organized to show how agro-energy can be implemented as a new productive activity which integrates also traditional ones, that is: the production of agripellet from residual biomass obtained from pruning of orchards.

During this open-door event the entrepreneur Antonio Baselice explained the organization and the feasibility of the new agro-energy supply chain, presenting critical aspects and advantages to a large audience composed of farmers, entrepreneurs and experts of the sector.
The activation of this new value chain, required the purchase of specific agricultural machinery to operate the collection of pruning in olive groves, vineyards and orchards and specific plants for the conversion of the collected  biomass in agripellet. Agricultural companies have greatly appreciated the opportunity to sell their residual biomass to third parties, avoiding the management costs, in particular work and fuel.

During the second part of the event all the different phases that characterize the production of agripellet were demonstrated in the field. All the participants were able to see at work the various machineries used in this supply chain: the Nobili shredder for the collection of the residues in the field, the  Smartwood system for the agripellet production (400 kg / hour),  the domestic stove of Csthermos for the final combustion.

This was the first Italian demonstration event, others are forthcoming.

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