Policy activity at 3rd Olive Festival in Zagreb

Zagreb, 23rd of February 2018




At traditional Olive Festival in Zagreb, Croatian Chamber of Agriculture used opportunity to present uP_running project and to do policy activity with attendees of this event.

This national event gathered mainly olive producers and representatives from national institution (Agricultural advisory service, Ministry of Agriculture, stakeholders etc.). They could hear aim of uP_running project, done jobs and plans for the future. Interested attendees show expression to mentioned topics.

Olive Festival is organised by Zagreb Olive institute and its aim is to present olive producers and its products to citizens of Zagreb. Dalmatia region is well known for olive groves as Dalmatia has long tradition of olive cultivation. Event that gathered producers from all over the country and this was very good opportunity to make some policy activity and to present uP_running project. Topic that project covers were very interesting for national institutions, olive producers – moreover because this topic is not well researched.

Croatia does not use agro residues (pruning or uprooted materials). That was a great opportunity to present possible ways of using biomass and to show good examples and launched value chains. Croatia is big source of energy from biomass but in the same time it is country where new initiative have to be established through engaging different value chain actors. It is good to present good examples from other OC.

This event gathered around 30 people.

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  1. Slater says:

    Thank you. I needed to hear this today.

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